What is Ironhorse?

Grandmaster/Founder Red Warrior/Ironhorse System

9th Degree Black  American Kenpo (Ed Parker's)

What is IronHorse? 

Iron Horse is the generic name of this system in English. In my Native Choctaw language the true name of this body of work is Isuba Tali~Falammichi (IronHorse~to Defend & Restore). The founder of this system was created by IronHorse Roman, a 70 year old Choctaw Indian. IronHorse Roman  is also  9th degree in the late Grandmaster Edmond K. Parker American Kenpo System. This system's was introduced in 2000 as Red Warrior.  At one time it was referred to as  Native Kenpo ~ Falammichi. Refinement and natural evolution the final edition is simply called IronHorse. The final edition is heavy on defending against the knife and empty hand. Exotics weapons defense will be added in the near future.


There are two different sides to IronHorse. They are total opposite of each other. The martial side or Physical is where we practice imaginary warfare against our fellow man. The Apprentice Warrior within practice's destructive motion to be used for self preservation. It is this side that we must discipline ourselves to contain whenever possible. This side is called: IronHorse, the physical side.


Falammichi, the spiritual side is the other and most important. How we conduct ourselves on our journey thru life is foremost. I call it the Movement of Life and our quest to become Hatak Falammichi. During this life's journey, we want to use our Spiritual and Humanitarian efforts in a positive manner.  The Seven Sacred Feathers & the Movement of Life are an integrate part of the Philosophy to become "Hatak Falammichi"

IronHorse is a stand up fighting systems that emphasizes basis moves used for century by the American Indians Warriors. Only the creator (Grandmaster IronHorse Roman) knows where the base move (indigenous) ends and the modern day embellishment begins. The Native movements are given Choctaw Indian names that describe the subject or action. They are shorter, more direct with the emphasis on gaining control very quickly.

I was taught tribal fighting in the late 40's and earlier 1950's by my father, grandfather's and uncles. These movements, forms and warrior philosophies were sealed away in my memory for decades. Only until I was able to learn and experience what the martial arts world had to offer, did I realize what important material I already had. Locked away in my memory was information that withstood the test of time.


I compared my Indian movements to our modem day sophisticated techniques and I realized they both had something in common.  Although both were hundreds of years apart the basis ingredients for success was found in both fighting methods.  Major movements were similar and in many cases are identical.  Through the passage of time we were able to add the Major/Minor Concepts along with other hidden movements, thus becoming more sophisticated. The American Indian Warriors employed a more basic and direct approach than our modern day Warriors and at the same time achieved the same lethal results. Over the last twelve years, I was able to resurrect the fighting art of my ancestors.


IronHorse is a control system based on absolute movement that allows the practitioner to take his opponent down to the ground. IronHorse objectives are to (1) to establish a strong base, (2) Intercept, (3) Control, (4) Disarm, if there is a weapon, (5) takedown and finish out.

IronHorse is a system that the practitioner must execute the movements with a natural flow. To be successful, one should have speed, agility, timing, rhythm, athleticism, and good hand to eye coordination. Most important is to have a healthy respect for what can happen should you engage with an opponent that has a weapon. Above all, be true to yourself to know your limitation. You must have the ability to evaluate your opponent's skills so that you won't be overly matched.  Remember whenever you face an adversary or any obstacle in life, THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION.


Flamboyant movements are beautiful to watch.  I have found that simple basic movements, time tested by my American Indian ancestries were best. Movements that have sound principle are ones that you can put your trust in.  I will now admit that some of my own Kenpo techniques are somewhat over sophisticated, but this was done to push the boundary and expand your knowledge. You must have the wisdom and savvy to know where the fantasy ends and the real world begin.

The IronHorse (physical) movements uses the same philosophy but employs less strikes than today's modern Kenpo techniques. Both will follow up their movement with sweeps and takedowns to conclusion. Chief Roman began blending Parkers principals with information and movements (ilhkoli) learned as a young boy in the 40’s and 50’s from his Native elders in Oklahoma

This system is in keeping with Parkers principals yet adding Roman philosophy of shorter techniques with the underlying theme of total control. This philosophy works better today when facing more that one attackers on the street. IronHorse has cornerstone components in using Indian Wrestling (Itishi), Locks (ashana) and Flow (Mali).


My philosophies; the Movement of Life, Seven Sacred Feathers and my NAKC are the cornerstone for IronHorse.  Last, my Falammichi Philosophy and its rewarding effect and influence it has on all.  

Falammichi is a Native Choctaw word, is not easily translated into English, and has many meanings. Falammichi: to sing, to answer, to bring back, to give back, to defend, to replace, to return to each other, a restorer, to reinstate, to acquire much knowledge, to teach and return, a man of integrity, achukma hatak (good man) a great man. Hatak Falammichi is a man who had these qualities about him. 


 There are thousands of people that claim to be part Indian. Many have no documentation of their claims, but non the less, feel a kindred spirit toward our culture. These are the very people that should emerge themselves in my system. What better place to learn Warriors Ways and our culture than for the last descendant. I am the real deal! I am full blood Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma. I have a CDIB card, Certificate Degree of Indian Blood from the federal government (BIA).


I am now 71 years and my 1st priority each day is to be a better person today than I was yesterday. If I succeed, I know the Great Spirit will smile graciously upon me and give me the tools to help others. My goal is to become Hatak Falammichi. My journey is different now that I'm in the autumn of my life.  My heart is Chukma (good). Chief IronHorse Roman    214-728-6080  ironhorse1942@gmail.com

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