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Gentleman, New for 2014 is the New/old NAKC, Native American Kenpo Council. I have acquired the domain and will be launching the web site in January 2014. We will be building a site that features a large organization rather than just the Supreme Chief Ironhorse Roman. In a promenade place on the site, we will showcase all black belt with photos and bio’s for the world to see. We will be looking for black belt to be officers in the new NAKC and members, black belts/school owner to represent the NAKC in certain area of the country. In the works is a uniform that reflect the Native look to set ourselves apart. In the discussion is a planned meeting/seminar/class for anyone wanting to participate at the highest level as officers or Council of Chiefs in the  spring in Dallas. 

Now is a good time to get more rank before we get involved in my new NAKC. I want to have you listed as the highest possible rank you can. Therefore contact the Supreme Chief  for those wanting to move up in rank.  

One of my 3rd degree’s black belt, John Cleveland is a lawyer in Indiana and has offer to help restructure/rebuild the NAKC organization into a prestigious organization fitting its age 1990. He will be addressing those on the internet that are saying negatives things about me and will clean that up.

Also taking into consideration that Chief Ironhorse is one of the most senior Kenpo Grandmaster still around. He is now one of a few Master that studied directly with the founder of American Kenpo Edmond K. Parker. It is well known that the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley was a Black Belt in American Kenpo under Ed Parker as the Chief. During his concert series, many of Elvis’s body guards, such as Sonny West, Red West, David Hebler and others were Black Belts under the tutelage of Ed Parker. 

First of all the NAKC will be a two tier level organization. There will be a Warrior level at the top and a lower tier call the Braves. The Warrior level is where you want to be showcased as a teacher/school owner or black belt. The Warriors must have the 11 x 17 certificate from the Supreme Chief to be displayed in the top tier (Warrior).


Within the Warrior level, there will be an added feature such as the Council of Chiefs. Chosen by the Supreme Chief will be (4) War Chiefs & (7) Chiefs to assist the Supreme Chief. The numbers, 4 and 7 are sacred numbers within the American Indian couture. These Chiefs will be chosen ill-regardless of their rank, but for their contribution, support and loyalty to the Supreme Chief. These Chiefs are separate from the organizational officers of the NAKC, however one could hold both position.


The students/black belts that have my 8.5 x 11 certificate will be listed in the lower tier level as (Braves). This level and all those in this group will be considered to have Honorary Rank until tested. These Honorary Black Belts will have the option to test via video or in person and join the Warrior group. Anyone from this level has the opportunity to move to the Warrior level via testing/paying the $1000 for their next stripe/rank. No one is buying rank or anything, however they are supporting the Supreme Chief, their master instructor so that the NAKC can continue to provide material, credentials and an organization where the NAKC can be showcase your talent. 


Warrior Level; A $250 membership fee is required for everyone for the Warrior Level. 

Braves level; a $100 membership fee is required for everyone for the Brave Level

Please supply a suitable photo and a short bio of yourself so that we can display it on the site. You will receive a silver NAKC plastic card (similar to a credit card) embossed with your name and rank. Once your Braves membership is accepted and your membership card is issued, you then can be invited to move up into the Warrior Level. The Supreme Chief will contact you and let you know what is required to become a Warrior. Send your membership fee to Ironhorse Roman 226 Tall Oak Irvine, CA 92603 

The Supreme Chief was born in the year of the Horse and 2014 is again the year of the Horse, so we expect a great year. We look for the new NAKC to be a big deal in the future. If you are a Kenpo man, this is the place to be. If you are part American Indian, the NAKC should be your home. Supreme Chief Ironhorse.  

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